Trey’s First Camping Trip

After a day and a half at the Torrences’ in Colorado Springs, we drove down through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve. There we setup camp for two days.

camping-1.jpgThe first night was FREEZING – actually it was below freezing. Thank goodness the Torrences lent us loads of Payton Jr. Jr.’s winter clothes. Trey was very comfortable the entire time (not so much for me and Heidi). He looked so cute all bundled up like an eskimo.

The second night we actually started a fire and tried to introduce Trey to s’mores. Believe it or not, he doesn’t really care for marshmallows. Instead, he revert to his favorite pasttime: drumming. Drumming into a pit of flames with a stick bearing a marshmallow on the end never works out. The neighboring campers must have wondered why gooey, flaming fireballs kept soaring through the air.