Party Hardy

Heidi’s graduation cakeSaturday we threw a big party at our house to celebrate three events:

  1. Heidi’s graduation
  2. My upcoming birthday
  3. Our move to Georgia

Folks hanging out in the back yard during the partyWe invited so many people that we had them come in two shifts. The first group at 4pm, the second at 6pm. We didn’t get many RSVPs so we had no idea how many would come. Turns out 75 people came and it was insane. Kids running around the backyard, people crowded around inside talking, shortages of hot dogs and hamburgers. We had a great time but due to the insane number of folks we didn’t get to spend a lot of time visiting with each individual person. I think in the future we’ll throw 3 or 4 separate parties and invite smaller crowds.

Thanks to all of you that did  come. We appreciate your support and friendship.