Is there a Doctor in the House? YES!

Heidi receives the American College of Surgeons award.Today was the big day: Trey’s mom became Dr. Mom. At Ruth Eckerd Hall‘s auditorium in Clearwater, Florida, Heidi and 114 of her classmates took the hippocratic oath, were hooded by their teachers, and handed diplomas.

Trey was amazingly well behaved for the entire 2 hour ceremony. It helped having a dozen family members present; Trey switched laps whenever he got bored. He also greatly enjoyed being able to clap and holler for each of the 115 graduates.

Below are photos from today’s ceremony and to the right is a photo from yesterday’s USF awards ceremony where Heidi won the American College of Surgeons award for the Florida Chapter.

Slideshow link - Heidi Graduates

When Heidi graduated from college I gave her Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go. She still has the book, but it is in Trey’s room now and is a favorite of his before his afternoon nap. I look back at the past 6 years and think “Wow, the places we’ve been.” The first year I was unemployed and she was rejected from med school. The second year we were buying a home, I was starting a career, and she was accepted to med school. The third year Heidi went to Haiti and I went to Ghana. The fourth year I went to Turkey and she took off from school to give birth to Trey. The fifth year she returned to school, I became Mr. Mom, and we lived in Africa for 3 months. And now, in year six, she is a Dr. and we are off to another place: our new home in Macon, GA.

We thank God for taking us to all those places and bring us back safely. Each adventure, whether good or bad, has brought us closer together as a family and closer to Him. I think that with each adventure I get less and less anxious about the unknown ahead, and instead get more and more excited.

5 thoughts on “Is there a Doctor in the House? YES!

  1. Rachel

    You’ve come a long way, baby! Congratulations, Dr. Haun. What an incredibly exciting day. The pictures are great 🙂

  2. DJ and Jenny Carlson

    HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!! Congrats! We are so proud of you, Dr. Heidi! Way to go! All of us Carlsons are yelling “WOO-HOO!!!” By the way, great black and white photo of William and Dr. Heidi. What a wonderful moment to capture! Love you guys – The Carlsons

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