Another Facebook Success Story

Karamin and her girlsI have been holding out on joining facebook for the past year.  I knew that if I joined, I would spend way too much time on the site…and less time for the things that needed to be done. Well, I finally gave in, since I do have the next 2 months off. William already thinks I’m addicted. Oh well. Over the years, there have been several friends that I lost track of, usually because life got too busy. I’ve thought about them, even googled their names, but didn’t know how to find them. Once I got onto facebook, I have finally found some of those people and am able to touch base, say hello, and celebrate the accomplishments in their lives. Karamin was one of those friends. We first met in junior high…and became the best of friends…until she had to transfer to another school during highschool. I found her on facebook, realized she lived in Tampa Bay now (she’d gone away for college) and asked her where exactly she lived.  She sent me her address and my jaw dropped.  Turns out she lives less than a mile from me and has for the past several years. The very next day, Trey and I walked over to her house to hang out with her for a while.  Trey had a great time playing with her daughter, Dillan Grace who is 26 months. Karamin also has a 4 month-old daughter named Kenyan. Both are adorable. It was great to catch up with her.  I just wish I had found her before I was about to pack up to move.

2 thoughts on “Another Facebook Success Story

  1. Carla

    Heidi, I get sucked in sometimes and I can’t believe how much time I have wasted but it has kept me in touch with a lot of people. I am terrible at staying in touch. Congratulations on graduation. So proud of you. I got the pictures today. Thanks. Love ya, Carla

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