A Farm Full of McBrides

Hanging out with the McBrides in SweetwaterWe spent our Easter weekend in Sweetwater at Trey’s great-grandparents. On the way up we stopped in Macon to check out houses and neighborhoods. Heidi came back on Sunday so that she could work on Monday, but Trey and I decided to hang around a few more days.

Mitzi talks in the video and Trey runs around in the backgroundTuesday afternoon my college roommate Shane McBride came by with his family. They are preparing to go into full-time ministry with Hope for Orphans. I was helping them make a “promo” video to raise support for their ministry. It was pretty challenging to do – they were holding their two kids and talking to the camera. I was holding Trey in one arm and a boom mic in the other. After several takes, the kids started getting antsy and comedy ensued. I’ll be sure to post the video when it is finished since as much as I tried I couldn’t keep Trey out of all of the shots.