Mommy Matches

The crowd of students and their families at Skipper’sMatch Day is the day when all the 4th year medical students across the nation find out where they are going to spend their residency. We went to Skipper’s Smokehouse in North Tampa to join 120 other USF medical students who gathered to open their envelopes and find out where they matched.

Heidi opens her match envelopeHeidi didn’t have to wait too long until she was called up. She opened her envelope and read to the crowd… drum roll…

Surgery in Macon, GA

So what does that mean for us? We will be moving sometime in May of this year and living in Macon for at least 5 years. We’re sad to leave our friends and family in Florida but excited about the whole new series of adventures ahead.

Also, the USF Medical School website wrote a little story about Heidi as one of the med students. She’s the third one down the page –

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  1. Anna

    Congrats on the move! I have been there, got a speeding ticket there in Macon and took in a wedding. Can’t wait to read about your adventures in Georgia.

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