Trey Meets Two Amazing Men

William, Trey, Heidi, Mincaye, and Steve Saint at Skycrest Baptist ChurchToday Trey had the privilege of meeting two amazing men (though he didn’t know it). We were invited to participate in a missions conference at Skycrest Baptist Church in Clearwater, FL. This morning’s speaker was Steve Saint and Mincaye. You may recognize the name from last year’s film “The End of the Spear” which was based on the book Steve wrote about him and his father’s experience in Ecuador.

All the missionaries who participated in the missions conference at Skycrest Baptist Church in Clearwater, FLIn short, the book is about the tragic murder of his father and 4 other missionaries by an aggressive and isolated indigenous tribe in the jungles of Ecuador. Through an amazing story of forgiveness and love Mincaye, the man who killed Steve’s father, came to know Christ and adopted Steve as his grandson. That is a REALLY brief synopsis, so if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, I highly recommend them.

3 thoughts on “Trey Meets Two Amazing Men

  1. wes

    wow…that’s awesome that you guys got to meet them today.

    by the way, we got our pictures and they’re amazing. thanks!

    Grace & Peace,

  2. Gramps

    The 5 missionaries killed for their faith and the forgiveness of the family members is one of the greatest stories ever told in my judgment. I have used the story many times to illustrate the power of the Lord to change lives through the love of Christ and His forgiveness. The truths lived out by Steve Saint and other family members of the missionaries is very strong evidence to show the power of the gospel and the message of grace. I am glad the Lord allowed you to spend time with Steve and Mincaye. It is great to see Mincaye’s love for the Lord and his faithfulness for all these years.

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