Trey at Busch Gardens

This past weekend Heidi’s parents had Trey spend the night at their place and then they took him to Busch Gardens in Tampa the next day. The park has lots of rides but more importantly (for Trey) it has lots of animals. Trey is still in his “animal phase” (though he is slowly transitioning to fire engines and trucks) so he had a blast seeing the live animals and telling them the sounds they should be making. Click below for images Heidi’s parents took of their time at the park:

Slideshow Link - Trey at Busch Gardens

2 thoughts on “Trey at Busch Gardens

  1. Rachel

    Trey, you’re getting to be such a big kid! Driving, riding horses, sitting through shows…btw, when can you come do my taxes?

  2. Nana

    Hey Trey, we really had a fun time at Busch Gardens, didn’t we! You are such a happy little boy. We love being with you.

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