Potty Time!

Trey on the potty

Who says potty training isn’t fun?We haven’t really been working with Trey much in the area of potty training. Mainly because we’ve been traveling so much recently. Heidi did put his potty in the bathroom and we showed him how to sit on it.

Recently he has started telling us “poo” and pointing to his diaper when he has filled it. Today he took the next steps and walked over to the potty when Heidi took his clothes off and he sat down and used it. Number 1 & 2! Hooray Trey!

Did I do that?Proving it wasn’t just a fluke, this evening before bed he walked into the bathroom, sat on the potty still clothed, and grunted and grinned. Sure enough he’d filled his diaper again. Next time give us a chance to take your diaper off Trey!