Tommy, the hospital’s maintenance man, has some rabbits at his house. Trey had never actually seen a rabbit but loves the ones he reads about in his Curious George book. He was quite excited to see some for the first time today.

Rabbits 1

Rabbits 2

Rabbits 3


Rabbits 4

1 thought on “Rabbits!

  1. Rachel L

    Dear Trey,

    I’m very glad you got to experience the joys of meeting the rabbits. They were, growing up, and probably still are, my favorite animals. We kept a bunch in a couple of hutches in our back yard and it was my job to feed and care for them. As you might notice, 2 can quickly turn into 10–your mommy will fill you in on that later–my favorite bunny growing up was “Bandit”, he was white and had black circles around both eyes–I guess he got into a lot of fights (ha!) Anyway, maybe your mom and dad will get you your very own rabbit someday…

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