Trey’s White Water Rapids Adventure

I confess, my title has been sensationalized a bit. The water at the river does run rapidly over rocks, but it is only white because of the soap used by the women washing their clothes in it.

Trey’s visit to the river was still exciting though. Probably more for the women and children there than for Trey. He attracted quite a crowd as he splashed in the water and slid on the rocks.

We’ve put together a little slideshow of his adventure.

Trey’s White Water Rapids Adventure

3 thoughts on “Trey’s White Water Rapids Adventure

  1. Anna

    This may be a stupid question, but does the water there have dangerous parasites and how to you stay safe while drinking and bathing?

  2. William

    Not a stupid question at all!

    Water in Ghana can have dangerous parasites so we only drink filtered water. You most likely get sick from drinking and don’t have to worry about bathing (just don’t drink the shower water).

    The river is OK to swim in because it is running water. We wouldn’t DARE swim in any stagnant ponds.

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