The Best Nanny Ever

Heidi, Trey, and “Baby” (Ellen)You know you’ve hired the best nanny ever when everyone in town calls her by her nickname “Baby”. Her actual name is Ellen but for as long as she can remember she has just been called Baby. In order to make things less confusing on this blog about our baby, I’ll refer to her as Ellen.

Ellen’s husband leaves the hospital for a lunch breakEllen has worked for many years at the hospital taking care of other missionaries’ young children and working as a house cleaner. Her husband is a nurse at the hospital and she has two children of her own.

I was a bit worried about Trey warming up to her but he let her carry him most of the morning and she got him to nap pretty quickly.  We walked into town to the market to buy some toys for Trey.  All they had was some rubber balls.  I bought two for a grand total of about $1.40.