Learning to Love Headphones

With our trip to Africa coming up in just two weeks, we’re trying to get Trey used to wearing headphones. Our trip will involve 4 different flights, two of which will be quite long. So we’re breaking our strict adherence to the no TV rule and will be letting Trey watch kids’ shows on our laptop. It will be our last resort if (or should I say “when”) he gets fussy on a cramped plane.

So far he isn’t too fond of the headphones which will be a requirement on the plane (I don’t think our seat mates will enjoy listening to the Muppets or They Might be Giants as much as him). He is starting to realize that he doesn’t get sound unless they are near his ears. Unfortunately he only wants them near and not on his ears.

Trey isn’t too fond of headphones

3 thoughts on “Learning to Love Headphones

  1. Anna

    Both of my girls love the ear buds, they don’t stay in their ears very well but they will hold them to their own ears for as long as 30 minutes. Just a thought!

  2. Lauren

    Also, even though your seat-neighbors wouldn’t love listening to kiddie shows, I bet they’d rather hear Larry the Cucumber than Trey the screamer. :o) (just in case the headphones don’t work out.)

  3. Tyler

    If I were sitting next to you, I’d love to listen and watch the Muppets. I absolutely loved the Muppet Show.

    It’s time to play the music
    It’s time to light the lights
    It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight.

    Jim Henson was a genius.

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