Trey’s First Art Show

Trey Looks at Daddy’s PhotographsTonight was the opening reception for the St. Petersburg College Faculty Art Show. Last year I had entered one very large print and this year went for two medium-sized (10″x15″) photographs from my recent Fontana camping trip.

Trey came along to the show and enjoyed the art. What he enjoyed most though were the crackers at the finger foods table. Have you ever really looked at a Ritz cracker up close? Now that is a work of art!

** UPDATE ** You can see some of the other art in the show at the SPC Online Photo Gallery.

The road to darkness is wide and easy (Matt 7:13)The path to light is narrow and hard. (Matt 7:14)

2 thoughts on “Trey’s First Art Show

  1. VW

    I liked these photos [the ones in the show] when I saw them the first time. Their titles make them even cooler. I think Trey must be saying, “How does Da-da come up with this stuff?”

  2. jym d

    awesome photos. I bet when Trey saw them he thought…”herzogian”.

    I like how those to photos have light and dark holes in the center. I guess that is the point, isn’t it? (I’m slow). Put it on the resume!

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