Trey Gets His Shots and isn’t Psychologically Scarred for Life

I was not looking forward to taking Trey in for his shots today. He was supposed to get them last week but had a fever so the doctor recommended waiting a week. He had the fever all last week and was quite ornery because of it (but who can blame him). All that said, it was a rough week for us. However, yesterday he was back to his 100% chipper self (until he tried some spicy salsa at dinner).

At the doctor’s office I could tell he knew something bad was about to go down as soon as I wrapped my arms around him in a bear hug so that he wouldn’t move when pricked. The nurse was excellent at delivering the two shots quickly. He wailed for about 15 seconds during and after the injections but then stopped and started pointing to the pictures on the wall he wanted to see up close. Wow, quick recovery! After that he was all smiles again as he played with toys on the floor.

I guess I was expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised to see that he rebounded pretty quickly.

Hooray for Trey!