Trey’s Second First Birthday Party

Trey holds balloons at this birthday partyOur party/cookout at Walsingham Park was a blast today. Almost 60 people attended – some of Heidi’s high school and med school friends, Heidi’s family, many of our friends from church, and even some friends from William’s old workplace.

We manipulated Trey’s nap schedule to get him to nap before the party. Unfortunately he napped a little too long and didn’t wake up until 5:30pm (the party started at 5pm). On top of that, William had already gone to the park and accidentally took the car keys leaving Heidi stranded at home with Trey. So the party started a bit late at 6pm.

Trey Eats CakeThere were lots of kids at the party (18 of the 58 present) and they enjoyed the playground and green grass to play in. The adults played two games – “Guess How Many Cheerios in the Jar” and “How Often Do You Visit Trey’s Blog?”. The latter was a matching game where you matched dates with significant events in Trey’s first year. Rick Jakubowski won a framed photo of Trey at the aquarium for guessing the closest to the 3456 Cheerios in the jar. Joe Corbin and his fiancée Nancy Dion won the matching game – ironically, they have never visited this website.

Trey’s Mini-CakeThrowing a party and trying to talk to everyone that attends keeps you quite busy. I had plans to do a bunch of video and photos. In the end, I just videoed Trey eating his cake and I took a couple photos. Special thanks to Marc Westergard for snapping a lot of shots for me. Here are the pictures.