Why Trey’s Sheep is Blind

This morning when Trey woke up I heard him gagging and noticed something was in his mouth. I quickly stuck my finger in his mouth and pulled out a small black plastic screw. I looked around his crib and could not figure out what the screw had come from.This evening Heidi mentioned that maybe it was from his stuffed animals in his crib. I was a bit doubtful but sure enough, upon closer inspection one of them was missing an eye. I plucked the other eye out of the small stuffed animal sheep to prevent the incident from happening again. He’ll have to make do with a blind sheep for now.

Now before I rant about how this “Made in China” toy is a serious health hazard I must admit that they have me on a technicality. The tag does read “5 years and up”. Nonetheless, who’s bright idea was it to use hard plastic screws as eyeballs? Who knows what kind of damage those sharp points could have done to his windpipe or intestines had he swallowed them! Parents BEWARE!

4 thoughts on “Why Trey’s Sheep is Blind

  1. Jamie

    Thanks for the PSA. Tyler sleeps with a bear. You better believe I will be gving it a good once over when I get home. Glad you caught it in time.

  2. Barbara

    What’s wrong with a blind sheep?! Guess I should start yielding to those signs on all of Sanne’s do dads.

  3. Anna

    Poor baby, I am glad he was okay. That is so scary we are pretty cautious too, both of our girls have named and sleep with small pillows! 🙂

  4. Lauren Threadgill

    That’s a scary sound to hear – I’m so glad he’s alright. I tend to be pretty intense about making sure that the animals Mac naps and sleeps with have only embroidered features, but only because I read it somewhere when I was pregnant.

    FYI for future reference, secondary health update: infant/pediatric CPR rules say you should never do a “blind sweep” of your child’s mouth when they are choking – you’re supposed to lean them forward and pound on the upper/middle back. If you can see something in their mouth, then it’s okay to reach in, but if they’re choking on something you can’t see, reaching in runs the risk of further lodging a chokeable. I read a lot. :o)

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