Mommy Returns to School

On Friday, I finished my first rotation of 4th year, Infectious Diseases. It was a great rotation. I worked with an attending and a fellow who both loved to teach. The exposure I had wasn’t exactly what I expect to see in Ghana, but at least I have learned quite a bit about microbes and ways to treat them. My schedule the past 4 weeks was very good. I didn’t have to go in until around 8:30 most days, and I got home usually around 6pm. That left me some time to play with Trey and put him to bed. Another perk of the past month was that I didn’t have to be “on call” and I didn’t have to go in on weekends. I even got July 4th off.

Starting this week, it will be a different story. I decided to add Surgery to my year. The hours will be longer for sure, but hopefully Trey will still recognize me by the end of the month. William is doing an incredible job. He and Trey have a blast together during the day… then William stays up until the wee hours of the morning doing his contracting work. He’s amazing. I thank God for the blessing of William being able to stay home with Trey.