It’s a Jungle Out There (the backyard, that is)

Trey the Tiger - Rarrrrr!The Tampa Bay area was going through a bit of a dry spell for a while so I hadn’t needed to cut the grass at all. After my week-long trip to Texas I returned to find that three days of rain had turned our yard into a jungle. Unfortunately, I haven’t got around to mowing it yet so the backyard is quite out of control.

One of our daily activities is to walk around the house. Sounds boring, but to Trey, this daily trek is quite an adventure. Lots of picking up sticks, pointing at lizards, and trying to eat dead beetles.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Jungle Out There (the backyard, that is)

  1. Amanda

    Kai always finds the coolest sticks…unfortunately, yesterday he found a bee with the bottom of his foot. The bee was NOT happy.

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