Trey’s Super Daddy

When I was pregnant and uncomfortable in the last month, thinking about the labor to come, I was reminded that although William didn’t have to go through the physical pain of childbirth, he wasn’t off the hook. As a responsible dad, he is the leader of the family and bears the responsibility of making sure that we were taken care of. I’ve never seen a man able to multi-task like William. He always has several projects going at once. He is incredibly diligent and takes pride in his work — and it shows. Even more than his work, William takes pride in his son. Trey is blessed to have such an amazing dad. I look forward to seeing their relationship grow and blossom, as Trey begins to mimic all the wonderful qualities he see in his daddy. I love to watch William and Trey interact and play. To hear my husband and son laughing together…there’s hardly a better sound. You are an incredible dad, William…Happy Father’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Trey’s Super Daddy

  1. Anna

    Hope you don’t mind that I have been reading your blog for months, I just think you guys are really interesting and sweet. I wish you the best of luck and Happy Father’s Day William.

  2. Anna

    Isabella is too old for Trey, she’s almost 3 but Giuliana is 14 months! 🙂 We don’t know each other though I did enjoy your picture of your Colorado trip. I did just stumble on your site and enjoy it very much, I love watching families. You guys are welcome on ours anytime!

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