A Tribute to Buster

Buster: January 2003 - June 2007

Yesterday Buster died in his sleep. I found him peacefully curled up on his bed in the garage in the early afternoon. We’ve had Buster for over 4 years and everyone who has known him knows what a loving, fun, ball of energy he was. We didn’t name him after the great Buster Keaton for no reason.The house already seems quiet and lonely without the constant clicking of his claws on the tile or his barking whenever someone comes to the door. In fact right now, Heidi is vacuuming the house – a dull chore that Buster made exciting by following you around and attacking the machine.

Click “read more” below to see a couple of our favorite pictures of Buster. We’d also love for anyone who knew him (in person or via video/photos) to leave a “Favorite Memory of Buster” comment.

This is the first photo we took of Buster the day I brought him home to Heidi.Heidi and her new puppy

His ears straightened out after about 2 months and he had the perfect form.Heidi and her new puppy

In the summer of 2003 we had him “fixed”. We then got this great photo which was used later that year for our annual Christmas card.

Buster and 'the cone'

On his first trip to Tennessee he bonded with my grandfather on the farm.Bill Haun and Buster on the farm in Sweetwater, TN

The summer of 2004 was our great “Hauns Go West” road trip. Though Buster stayed home for the trip he gained international fame from his starring role in this video.

In December of 2004, we went hiking up in the Smokies and found all the creeks had flooded. I had to carry Buster across all the slick logs over the icy rapids below. We really bonded on that trip.

William carries Buster across a log in the Smokies

Buster and Trey (inside belly) in 2006.

Heidi's pregnant belly and Buster

Once Trey was born, Buster protected us all from the honey bees that infested our ceiling.

Buster: killer of bees

He was always known for his AMAZING jumping skills as demonstrated here as our friend Allison holds Trey.

Allison Davis holds Trey as Buster does tricks in the background

This is the last photo we have of Buster taken just this week. Trey was trying to get outside and Buster was trying to get inside. It was quite entertaining.

We would love for anyone who knew Buster to leave a “Favorite Memory of Buster” comment below.

21 thoughts on “A Tribute to Buster

  1. Mike Mott

    Sorry to hear about Buster’s passing. I came to know him through your 2004 vacation video. That was great! I know you’ll miss him.

  2. Jennifer

    My condolences to both of you. I remember when you first got him, and I had the pleasure of meeting him on at least one occasion. I also remember telling you to take him to the local dog parks and how you said he always had a great time there. He will be missed, there is no doubt.

  3. Orlando A. Pizana

    It seems like yesterday when Buster was saving Tre from the "Black Racer". Buster will be missed. Remember Will, Heidi and Tre, "All Dogs Go To Heaven!"
    Rest in Peace Buster…

  4. Scott Hooker

    The 2004 video was great and I know that his bookings and public appearances went through the roof after that.
    My son and I had the privilege of taking care of Buster earlier this year during a Haun vacation. He was a bundle of energy, well-behaved, and easy to take care of. My lasting memory of Buster will be how big his bladder must have been and how long he could hold it.

    William and Heidi–time to get another one!

  5. Gramps

    We are really sad to lose Buster. His enthusiam and energy were a delight to me. I enjoyed the times we played including "tug of war" with his toy, chasing thrown things and jumping after a ball. We will miss Buster and are sorry for your loss. My our Lord bless you and comfort you at this time.

  6. Tyler and Amy Ross

    We are sorry and shocked to hear about Buster’s passing. Amy and I will always be able to testify to how much he missed you and loved you while watching him during your vacation. He was a great dog.

  7. Vicki Westergard

    My favorite Buster story was when he peed on the fancy poodle during dog day at the pool. Dog heaven is surely filled with fancy poodles and fire hydrants to pee on. Good dog, Buster, good dog.

  8. Daddy

    What a shame that Buster went so young. He was one of the most obeidient dogs I’ve ever known. I remember this year when you all were in Richmond, he was SO afraid that you were going to go off and leave him with us forever! I know he leaves a big hole in your lives.

  9. Chrissy

    William and Heidi,
    I know you will truly miss Buster protecting your garden from all those critters. He was one of the great protectors. Rest in peace Buster!

  10. auntie aj

    i have many buster memories and although he drove me nuts at first and i was afraid of being trampled everytime i entered the house, i really grew to love him as a pet of mine as well. i was very surprised at how affected i was at the news and i guess it feels like a part of the family has passed. i spent lots of time alone with buster, house-sitting and would be attacked while doing yoga, laying on the couch, and especially when he saw m put my running shoes on. he was, of course, a genius haun dog and i will miss him much. i am sorry heidi and willy. love you guys.

  11. Uncle Jonathan-Buster-s 8th best friend

    I also have had a few encounters with Buster & one in particular comes to mind. Annie & I were babysitting & since there is a Sweetbay behind the house that William frequently hops the fence to get things from Annie asked that I do the same. Right before attempting this stunt I let Buster out into the yard & he thought it would be fun to run around & chase me. That was funny, but then on my way back when I had my hands full of groceries I tried to climb the fence and jump back into the yard. Big mistake. Buster saw what I was trying to do & ran right at me so as I jumped back in the yard I landed right on top of him causing Buster to yelp & me fall very awkwardly dropping the groceries. I still liked him though.

  12. Heidi

    Thank you to all for your condolences. I never thought that I would be so attached to an animal, but the tears flowed freely for the first 24 hours. When we first got Buster, there was an abandoned hospital behind our house. Buster and I would go out in the parking lot together at night. While I studied Anatomy and Physiology, he would jump around the tall grasses like a gazelle. His jumping ability was amazing.

  13. jym

    My favorite Buster the Dog memory is him yelping behind my apartment in Greensboro when he was but a young pup. William, being the obedient owner and daddy, went out at about 5 a.m. to take care of his lonely doggy. I remember his energy and fun when he jumped around my tiny apartment making everyone happy! I think we gave him some cookie crumbs.

  14. DJ and Jenny Carlson

    Dear William, Heidi and Trey,

    We are so sorry to hear about Buster. We were very shocked. It was very clear how much you guys loved him. I mean, it is not everyday someone casts their dog in a feature film. We remember him as being VERY energetic with great jumping abilities. We love the picture of Buster trying to get in while Trey is trying to get out. That is priceless! We pray that you will be comforted with your wonderful memories of Buster.

    Love you guys,
    The Carlsons

  15. Nancy and Jerry Triplett

    Dear Heidi,William and Trey,

    We are so shocked and sad to hear that Buster has passed away.He was such a cute and enegetic dog. We loved all the photos, videos and stories of Buster over the past 4 years. I watched the homecomming video again today and cryed my eyes out. 🙁 I still can’t believe it. He was a lucy dog to have you as his family. We’re praying you’ll be comforted by all the great Buster memories. Love, Nancy and Jerry

  16. ed

    Ya know, Buster was basically not a real dog. He was a superstar. William and Heidi treated this guy like he was their first born. At some point, Trey will have to realize that. He looked and lived like a genius because he was a Haun.
    My favorite Buster moments were as follows:
    1) When he had his cone
    2) The video of William coming home to see him and he leaps the fence
    3) The Christmas ornament
    4) His adoption announcement (delivered one day before Trey’s)
    William, I am sorry to hear the news, but how could he survive with you two going to Africa? If only we had half the life that Buster had.

  17. Adam and Heather

    William and Heidi,
    H and I were sad to hear about Buster. He was a great dog and a real part of the family. I know you will miss him. It was only recently that I finally put clive to rest. I spread his ashes round the yard. Thats a true story.

  18. barbara

    tears are totally filling my eyes. it’s so hard to lose a pet! nathan and i only met buster once but totally fell in love with him. so sorry!

  19. Sarah Span

    Like I said I will never forget Buster because of my adorable Buster Christmas ornament that I will hang every year onto our Christmas tree. I always looked at Buster as a trial run for your "first baby". And like you are with Trey -you were amazing parents to Buster. I’m sorry this happened so suddenly and unexpectantly.

  20. Amy Torrence

    I’m so sorry. Very unexpected for sure. My favorite Buster memory was when we were eating a Sunday meal at your house and Buster came inside and started enthusiastically licking the top of my foot – really cute – until I looked down and noticed the dead mangled lizard that he discarded in order to lick. Lizard guts on my foot…yuck. But he was really funny and cute.

  21. Shane

    Hauns – I can’t believe it. Buster was such a part of your all’s family. I will miss him on all the trips to tennessee, hanging out the window and slobbering over everything. I will always remember him playing Jake when Jake was 10 pounds, then Jake playing with him the following Christmas when Jake was 75 pounds. Man, Buster was a great dog and friend. He will be missed by a lot of folks.

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