People often comment on how good Trey is during the day. “Does he ever cry?” they ask. The answer – “Yes!”. Here a video of our typical naptime routine in the afternoon. After seeing the signs that Trey is tired (resting his head on the ground, rubbing his eyes) we put him in his crib to go to sleep.

Music by Lullatone from the 2006 album “Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous”

4 thoughts on “Naptime

  1. Jamie

    Great video! Before having a kid myself to here one crying had no effect on me. Now it pulls at the heart strings a little more. I also find it amazing how long 2 1/2 minutes actually feels like when your kid is crying. minutes feel like hours.

  2. Lauren Threadgill

    What a cute video, and encouraging too. For a few months there Mac was going down for naps and bedtime so easily, and then quite suddenly one day he started resisting sleep. I’m so glad to know that we’re not the only ones!

  3. Amanda

    I don’t get it. I’m always laying my head on the ground and rubbing my eyes…no one ever puts me down for a nap. Take advantage of it, Trey!

    Cute video, guys!

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