9 months – The Mommy Update

Trey turns 9 months today. Wow – where does the time go? In 4 weeks, I will be returning to school, and daddy will take over. I’m praying for a smooth transition for all three of us. Half days at the clinic haven’t been very difficult so far, but full days may be another story. I know that God will give me the strength when the time comes. Anyway, enough about me, more about Trey!
He weighed in this morning at 16lbs, 12oz and he was 28.5 inches long. (That’s the 5th percentile for weight and the 50th for height.) He’s a long and skinny little squirt, but his legs are solid muscle. He doesn’t stay still long enough to add many of those cute little baby rolls. When he is awake, he is crawling, pulling himself up, or walking. Even in the bath, he loves to stand up (which gives my arms a workout trying to keep him from falling.) Today, he stood up all by himself, with only the help of a small toy. His balance is improving everyday, so he is able to walk further and further before plopping down on his diaper-cushioned bottom. He has also learned to pivot — a necessary move to avoid collisions with Buster. Tonight before bed, he had the best time squealing and laughing as he walked around the house. He definitely loves his new-found mobility.

Trey’s favorite things to do lately include: turning/pulling light switches on/off, crawling out to the front porch, exploring the trees outside, pointing to objects of interest (expecting you to bring him there), playing with the wind chimes, looking out the windows, waving bye-bye, clapping his hands, looking at books (especially the touch & feel ones) and turning the pages, opening up the cabinet doors (and sucking on the small cabinet knobs), climbing on the dining room chairs, crawling up and down our single steps, playing with our phones, throwing around a “boing” ball (which sadly, recently lost its “boing!”), dancing to a drum beat (just can’t avoid the rhythm), testing the limits (already), and flying around as “Mr. Nakey” just before bath time.

For a week, he refused to drink milk out of either the bottle or the sippy cup. That made me a little worried about returning to school, but thankfully he quickly got over that phase. He is eating three meals a day with occasional snacks. He’ll eat veggies, fruit, meat, pasta, rice, toast, cheese and yogurt. His pincer grasp allows him to self-feed pretty well. Although he is not a fan of too much texture, he eats most anything that I give him. He loves drinking from cups. In fact, the other day he got a hold of William’s drink and dumped the ice water all over himself. He was surprised to say the least. Another tooth is beginning to emerge next to his lone existing tooth, and the top teeth appear to be just beneath the surface. I’ve been trying to teach him a few signs (eat, drink, milk, all done) and he is finally starting to gesture back to me.

Before we went on our trip to Tennessee, Trey had been sleeping 12 hours through the night. Vacation threw him off the schedule, but after a few weeks, he is back to his 11-12 hour nights with 2-3hours worth of naps during the day. Finally, he is napping longer than just 45 min – 1 hour at a time. We can actually get things done!

To sum it up, he is simply amazing. It is such a privilege to watch him learn about the world around him, to communicate his desires, and to see his face light up when I walk in the room.

2 thoughts on “9 months – The Mommy Update

  1. Nana and Gramps Jensen

    We agree with your assessment that it is a joy and a privilage to watch him learn and grow. He is so eager to really see everything in his world, and to interact with as much as he can. His bright eyes and smile certainly melt a Grandparent’s heart! He is our 2nd generation "Bright Eyes". (Heidi was the first.)

  2. sarah span

    heidi, you’ll do a great job as both a mommy and student. i’ve never seen someone work with time the way you do. good luck and i’ll be praying for you! love ya!

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