Mr. Mom

Today was my last day at my job as Senior Web Programmer for St. Petersburg College. I’ve been there 4 years and I’ve resigned so that I can stay at home with Trey while Heidi goes back to school. Working at SPC has been a great experience – I’m coming away from it having learned a lot. Not only did my skills as a programmer grow during my time there but I matured as a “professional.” I have my great colleagues and bosses to thank for that. It is a bit of a leap of faith relying on part-time consulting and contract work for our income, but so far I’ve been blessed with a long line of clients wanting my services (too many in fact!).

As a going-away present, my department gave me two shirts. One for Trey that reads “MY DADDY IS A BETTER PROGRAMMER THAN YOUR DADDY” and one for me that says “Mr. Mom.” You may notice the photo they choose for the front of that t-shirt looks familiar. They stole it from a post on this blog back in January. A reminder that you have to be careful about what you put on the internet.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Mom

  1. Rachel L

    And still, Trey seems a bit alarmed by "the Frenchie". A true ‘merican through and through. Best of luck with your new "full-time daddy" position!

  2. Brett W

    Oh man, did they make any extra copies of the William shirt?
    Good luck with school Heidi!

  3. Gramps

    Those are great gifts! We are glad that you can stay home and care for Trey. We know that the Lord will be faithful and provide for your family. We will be praying for each of you.
    Love, Gramps

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