Trey & Providence visit America’s #1 Beach

Today, Trey and I ventured out to the beach once again. We went down to the North Beach at Fort Desoto Park which was voted the #1 beach in America in 2005.

We went with my dear friend Sarah, her 7-month pregnant belly, her 3-year-old daughter Providence and her mother-in-law Tammy. The water was a little warmer this time and Trey loved the waves of water washing over his feet. He helped Providence build a sandcastle (sorta) and once again tried to eat the sand. As he ate his lunch, his screech owl sounds provided the entertainment for all nearby. The only bummer for the day was when his shorts were soaking wet before we went down to the water. Turns out his cute little swim trunks with the built in diaper are just cute little shorts with a worthless diaper. Oh well.

Later this evening Sarah and Providence stopped by.

1 thought on “Trey & Providence visit America’s #1 Beach

  1. Sarah Span

    We had a lot of fun. Thanks for taking the wonderful pictures. Trey is the most adorable baby in the world! Even when he’s got peas and cheerios all over him.

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