Goodness Snakes!

We have a swing in the backyard that Trey likes a lot. He particularly enjoys playing peek-a-boo while swinging.

Trey in his swing

Last Friday, while swinging Trey, Buster suddenly went ballistic and kept barking at the bushes next to the swing. I looked closely and spotted a black racer hanging out in the bushes. Not one to miss a photographic moment, I grabbed my camera and took some shots of the little fella.

Black racer in the bushes

Unfortunately, when I turned my back to take Trey back inside Buster got a hold of the snake and killed it. Black racers are harmless and actually great at keeping rodents out of your yard, so I hate that he killed it. However, I can’t expect Buster to know the difference between a good snake and a bad snake so I don’t discourage him from killing snakes. After all, who knows when a Florida coral snake may wander into the yard.

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