Cheap Homemade Toys

Trey seems a bit bored with his baby rattles and books lately. Before rushing to buy new toys, we have tried “making” our own. Here are a few pictures of Trey’s new ride.

For more of Trey’s “new” toys, click below.

1. Metal and plastic bowls, cups, strainers, etc: Trey hasn’t quite figured out that the cupboards hold a wealth of shiny pots and pans, so we gave him a few bowls to start. He can play on the kitchen floor for half and hour hitting, pushing, and crawling after bowls. We tried to give him “drumsticks” like wooden spoons. I’m not sure he can handle them without gagging himself at this point, so I’ll let him use his hands for now.
2. Bix cardboard boxes: Great as a wagon, a push toy, a walker, a climbing prop, etc. After Trey took a nose dive as the box rolled under him, I decided I needed to weigh the boxes down. Now he only falls from side to side as he practices his standing.
3. Food: Tortilla chips and rice cakes crumble very nicely…and occupy him for quite some time. He also enjoyed whipping around cooked fettuccine.
4. Junk Mail: And you thought it was good for nothing! Today, I sorted through the mail on the floor next to Trey. He enjoyed wadding up the ads, tearing them, and scooting them across the floor. As with the food, I have to be vigilant that his pacifier remains in his mouth and not the mail.

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  1. Lauren Threadgill

    Other great home toys: plastic coat hangers, empty milk jugs or juice bottles, especially ones with a handle, and a dustbuster. Now if I could just teach how how to properly use that last one…

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