A Taste of Unconditional Love

WARNING: The following story may cause you to feel queasy and faint.

Each weekday while Heidi is feeding Trey I get dressed and ready for work then I give him some attention before hitting the road. This week I was playing with him on the bed and he caught a good case of the giggles. Once he starts laughing I can’t help but to try to keep him going. I was rolling around on the bed with him and lifted him up above me while tickling him and suddenly *BLAH*. His breakfast came up and landed on my face, up my nose, and in my mouth.

Despite the warm, slimy, and chunky ooze on my face, Heidi and I just laughed at him as he smiled down at me. As I was washing my face off and rising out my mouth this thought crossed my mind – “Who would you let vomit in your face?” Before then I would have answered first with “What a disgusting question!” and then with “No one!” Yet when Trey did it there wasn’t even a ounce of anger, shock, or disgust about what had just happened.

Now I can proudly say – I have tasted unconditional love, and it is good!