Good Idea, Bad Idea

When I was a kid, I loved watching Animaniacs. One of my favorites segments was called “Good Idea, Bad Idea.” For example: “Good idea: buying beans to go. Bad idea: buying beans that make you go.”

Here’s a “Good Idea, Bad Idea – Trey edition” about the things that he has been using in his attempts to stand.

Good Idea: Using the coffee table, the crib bars, the metal gate, the couch, mom or dad, or a sturdy box to practice standing skills.
Bad Idea: Using mom’s skirt, a giant exercise ball, Buster’s leg, dad’s flip-flop, or a grapefruit to practice standing skills.

1 thought on “Good Idea, Bad Idea

  1. Lauren Threadgill

    Ha! I can totally relate. Mac tries to stand up by holding on to things that are 6 inches tall sometimes, and the other day he pulled my pants down trying to stand up at my legs.

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