6 months…The Mommy Update

Trey continues to amaze and amuse me everyday. He is so full of life and constantly moving. Gone are the days of little squeaks and purrs and knowing that if I lay him on the ground, he will be in the same place when I return.

He is a crawling pro now, but he isn’t satisfied with being on hands and knees. He figured out how to get back into a seated position from crawling and tries to stand or pull himself up whenever he gets a chance. He crawls up to our legs and climbs up onto us when we are sitting with him on the floor. He stabilizes himself on us with his hands, then straightens out his legs in a downward-dog yoga pose in an attempt to stand. It took him only about a week to figure out how to pull himself up to standing, whether holding onto us, the coffee table, furniture, or in his crib. Now, he can’t go to sleep without first standing next to the railing for a good 10 minutes. At first, I kept laying him back down, but then I gave up. After a while, he gives up too. I tried to keep him on the carpet or foam mats while learning to crawl, but he’s always on the move. Now, I try to keep the tile relatively clean and allow him to enjoy his new and interesting vantage point of the house.

I am in the process of introducing Trey to different foods. I finally got him a high chair to make the mealtimes easier. He loves cereal and can’t keep his hands out of the bowl. I gave him peas as his first vegetable. His grimace and pursed lips told me he was not impressed the first morning. The following day, I gave him peas again and he loved it. Next, I gave him homemade puree prunes. They work like a charm, if you know what I’m saying.
His sleep is getting much better. I guess all the crawling and attempts to stand are wearing him out. He slept 11 hours one night when I didn’t feel like waking him to feed him. I tried it again the next night, but had to feed him at 4 in the morning. I would much rather wake him to feed him at midnight.

Playing with Trey and watching him figure out the world is one of the best rewards of parenthood. He is starting to mimic me by making buzzing noises with his lips. For a couple months, he has understood when I said and showed him the sign for “drink.” He recently started copying me by nonchalantly doing the sign for “milk.” Object permanence is beginning to set in, as he will pull a blanket off my head to find me, but most of the time he will be distracted by other things if one toy seems to disappear. He is waving now (or at least putting his hand in the air to signal the greeting).

Finally, Trey’s laugh is simply contagious, especially when William gets him going. We will remain in the same place repeating the same funny sounds over and over again, just to hear that amazing chuckle.