A Commercial for WinkFlash.com

Wink FlashEvery once in a while I run across a product or service that is so great I just want to tell the entire world about it. Even though this blog is meant to be all about Trey, I think I can justify telling you about WinkFlash.com.

WinkFlash is a digital photo printing site much like Kodak EasyShare and SnapFish. We’ve been using the service since Trey was born to print all the digital photos we take. The cost is a mere 12cents per print and a nice flat shipping rate of 99cents. We’ve always been happy with the quality (and we are quite picky) and especially like the “white borders” option.

They also have monthly promotions that we’ve taken advantage of like $5 photo mugs (a favorite of my grandfather’s) and most recently hardcover 100page 9×12 photo books for $20. Heidi just made one of the photo books and it was UNBELIEVABLE how well made it was. The paper stock was very heavy, the colors were crisp, and the full page photos were gorgeous. It was on the caliber of a professionally printed coffeetable book.

Don’t expect “commercials” like this often on Trey’s blog but I feel that WinkFlash.com deserves some great word-of-mouth marketing. I’d highly recommend you check out their photo book sale (ends March 15th) – you won’t regret it.

1 thought on “A Commercial for WinkFlash.com

  1. Jennifer

    Is this the same place you had the mug mishap with? I just ordered a picture mug from Snapfish because it was free except shipping, of course. I’ll let you know how mine turns out. I will give WinkFlash a try. By the way, Sony fixed my camcorder – good as new and free of charge. Martin’s new HC-46 is taking excellent video as well with the exception of the telephoto shots from the cockpit. The auto focus is kind of slow when zooming in on other objects flying through the air. Nonetheless, we are happy with it.

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