Trey’s Celebrity Look-a-Likes

*** I wanted to name this blog post “While being interviewed on 20/20, Dr. Evil is interrupted by a race car driver who brings news that Pedro Martinez has died of stomach ulcers” but that is too long. ***

Conan has a comedy bit he does where he casts celebrity look-a-likes in a fake made-for-TV movie about current events. We’ve always wondered how on earth he comes up with the photo matches that look so similar to the real life folks. Now we know!

Heidi’s friend Barbara showed us the website which lets you find your own celebrity look-a-likes. We decided to run Trey through the machine and see what we got.

In case you were wondering who these folks were:

3 thoughts on “Trey’s Celebrity Look-a-Likes

  1. Barbara

    So much cooler than my husband looking like David Hasselhoff! : )
    Would love to see both of your look-a-likes too!

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