Trey Makes a New Friend

Christine has been one of my closest friends since fourth grade. She and her husband Rob live in Maryland with their 2-year-old son, Hutch. They came to Richmond for a day to meet Trey. I hadn’t seen Hutch since he was younger than Trey, so it was great to see how much he has grown. He was very energetic and also helpful. While I got ready for church on Sunday morning, he helped take care of Trey by giving Trey his pacifier (inserting it directly into his mouth) and patting him on the head. When Christine and I were in 5th grade, we wrote out our “future life stories.” It seems funny that now we are the moms that we wrote about, and those late nights in grade school are just a memory.

In the pictures, Trey is sporting his new Christmas outfit from his aunty Rachel.

Nice outfit!

Why is he smashing his face with that?