“Three Months of Trey” ships!

DVD coverWe have finally wrapped up production of the “Three Months of Trey” DVD and will start mailing them tomorrow. If you have never received a DVD from us before and would like one then drop us an email with your address since you may not be on our mailing list.
Click “Read more” below for more info on the DVD and images of the menus.

Here is a run down of what is on the DVD:

  • 11 menus with original artwork by Heidi (see below)
  • 6 new videos (all have been posted on this blog)
  • 4 video slideshows
  • 4 videos from the original pregnancy announcement DVD
  • 14 minutes of “never before seen” (I like that term – makes it sound special and fancy) unedited footage. Ok, they are slightly edited – but not much
  • DVD-ROM feature: an archived version of this entire website
  • DVD-ROM feature: 7 photo galleries
  • DVD-ROM feature: 15 mp3s of songs used in the videos so you can make your own Trey mix CD
  • and our favorite… an original footprint by Trey himself on the DVD label (while supplies last since his foot has since grown larger than a DVD)

Here are the menus with Heidi’s drawings: