Trey’s Movie Reviews

Trey's Movie ReviewsMany are surprised to hear that since Trey was born, Heidi and I have watched more movies in theaters than we had in the previous year. Thanks to the “New Native Carrier” that Heidi has been loaned Trey is quite happy to sleep through movies. When he wakes up Heidi feeds him and then he is back to sleep. Another trick we’ve learned is that the afternoon 4:15pm movie has the least people attending so we have a less people to anger if he does act up.

Yesterday we watched “Stranger Than Fiction” with Trey and decided it will be the last movie we take him to for a while. Trey’s naps are getting shorter and further apart during the day. He is also becoming more and more vocal and decided to make some excited noises during the movie.

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Trey’s Movie Reviews

Little Miss SunshineThis was an independent film that mommy and daddy were very excited about seeing. They liked it but I was only 1 month old so I just slept through the whole thing.

The IllusionistThis movie made me hungry. I ate twice and slept through the rest. What I saw looked OK but it seemed a bit slow.

Monster House (in 3d)Daddy took off work early one Thursday to drive to downtown St. Petersburg and see this movie. We were the only people in the theater and mommy and daddy wore funny glasses. I slept through this one too but mommy said I could watch this movie again in a couple years because it was really fun.

The DepartedI managed to sleep through this movie too even though it was really loud. Mommy covered my ears with one hand and her own eyes with the other hand because she said this was a naughty movie. Daddy liked it but when I asked if I could see it again some day he said “over my dead body” with an Irish accent.

The Science of SleepMommy and daddy love this French director whose name is Michel Gondry. They said the movie had lots of fun things they made them feel like kids again. We went to see it with their friends Jerry and Sarah. I slept through the whole thing (surprise!).

The PrestigeMommy and Daddy kept waking me up during this movie because they were getting so excited about it. Daddy kept yelling “Genius! Genius!” for some reason.

Stranger Than FictionI like this movie a lot. I wasn’t sleepy and after mommy fed me twice I just wanted to watch the movie. I had to fuss and complain to get them to let me watch the movie. The guy in the movie was funny and for about 10 minutes the movie projector messed up and we could see the boom mics in the picture. Daddy kept yelling “Boom Mic!” every time it happened. It was a bit annoying. Oh, and I was pretty gassy during this movie. I kept rippin’ ’em and looking around to see if anyone had heard them.

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  1. Rachel L

    Trey, you’re just a sweet little dumplin’, aren’t you? You must re-visit Little Miss Sunshine when you get the chance, it’s one of my favorites of this year. I almost peed my pants during the horn scene (I guess we have more in common that I thought!–almost :))

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