Baby’s First Halloween

See more picturesEveryone kept asking us today if we were taking Trey trick’or’treat’n. Quite frankly, unless the neighbors are giving out breast milk, I don’t think he would be too interested in asking for treats.

We still marked his first Halloween by dressing him up in jack-o-lantern pajamas and making him pose in a nearby pumpkin patch (much to his delight). All the big, juicy pumpkins had been sold already so in the photos he is laying among the mini-pumpkins which creates an odd perspective that makes him look 4x bigger than he actually is.

You will also see that Buster joined the fun and sported a Halloween costume that was meant for Trey but he can’t wear since he has already outgrown it.

1 thought on “Baby’s First Halloween

  1. Barbara

    Floridians don’t give out breast milk for Halloween?! What kind of state is that?
    Love your kid but buster is my favorite in his costume! : ) Ooh and Heidi too!

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