Rolling Baby!

Yesterday at lunch, Trey was lying on his mat rolling onto his side like he has done since week 1. We stepped out of the room for a second. William walked back in to realize that Trey was now on his stomach but unhappy because he had pinned his arm underneath him. Today, Trey was on his belly, looking all around. He leaned back a little farther than expected…and ended up on his back! What a champ! Maybe I won’t help him with learning how to put the 2 rolls together yet. He’ll be rolling all over once he figures that out!

1 thought on “Rolling Baby!

  1. Amanda and Mykel de Vega

    Goooo Trey!!! Good job, bud!! You’ll find him in all sorts of weird places now. And it only takes seconds for them to get there! Once I left Kai in the middle of the living room to go switch laundry loads and came back and he was gone! I thought ‘well, it’s finally happened. I’ve lost Kai!’ So I drop to my hands and knees in a panic. Kai had rolled under the coffe table and was having the time of his life :0) I swear he had this look on his face like ‘dude, how cool am I, mom?’

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