Trey’s first 2 months

I know it sounds cliche, but infants do grow so quickly. Over the past 2 months it has been a joy to see him grow and develop new skills. I want to give a quick recap of Trey’s first 2 months.

In the hospital after birth, he had a low resting heartrate and his pediatrician was worried that he might be dehydrated or that there were structural heart problems. I worked with the nurses and doctors around the clock to avoid supplementing with formula or introducing artificial nipples into the mix. He started eating well on the second day. Trey underwent several tests for his heart. A chest x-ray revealed no abnormalities. An EKG and echocardiogram were consistent with a small ventricular septal defect (a small opening between the right and left ventricles in the heart.) The hole most likely disrupted the proper physiology of the blood flow, slowing his heart rate. These small holes usually close spontaneously and cause no further problems. By day 4 of life, Trey had already gained half a pound and his heartrate was normal. His pediatrician was not alarmed by the small VSD. Trey continued to gain weight at a rate of 11 ounces a week, until the age of 4 weeks (when he was 9 lb, 2oz.) Although, I have had several days of frustration with breastfeeding (Trey spitting up and making choking sounds), we now have gotten into a good rhythm (and I have realized that Trey just likes to spit). Now, we need to get him used to drinking out of a bottle so that I can leave for longer than 2-3 hours for a break every once in a while.

Trey began smiling at us around 3 weeks, but he hasn’t quite figured out how to laugh yet. He’s let out a few shreiks of delight and and a few single chuckles, but we’re waiting on the full out giggle. There are a few things that we can consistently count on making him smile. He loves his safari mobile. The giraffe is by far his favorite. He also loves his little play gym which plays music and lights up when he hits the little animals attached to it. Other than that, he loves to stand, walk, and bounce (with support of course) and he enjoys when William plays the imaginary mouth harp on his little lips.

His neck muscles are getting stronger, but he doesn’t have total control yet. He is able to hold his head up higher during “tummy time,” and seems to be enjoying the broader view.

We’re working on gettting a routine down. He’s starting to sleep longer at night– 8-9 hours 3 times this week. It’s been from 10 – 7, so I’m able to get some sleep too!