Auntie Annie Gets Married

Trey attended his second wedding today. (The first was for our friends Joel and Carrianne) My younger sister Annie (a gorgeous bride) got married and is officially now an Engelman. The wedding ceremony was held at the botanical garden in Largo. It was a beautiful day for a garden wedding with a cool breeze blowing through the trees. I was the matron of honor (sharing the duties with my older sister Rachel who was the maid of honor.) Trey actually slept in the sling held by William through the entire ceremony. During the reception, however, he woke up and was a bit fussy, but we were able to eat in peace as there were many cousins waiting in line to hold the little guy. At the end of the night, the kazoos were passed out (party favors to send off Jonathan and Annie with a bunch of noise.) Trey was a bit confused by all the commotion.

Congratulations to Annie and Jonathan…and we welcome Uncle Jon to the family.

Special thanks to Trey’s Uncle Skenny for the photos

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  1. Heidi Post author

    A special thanks goes out to Jenny Barr (one of my mom’s colleagues) for the use of her sling. It has been a great way to keep Trey near while continuing to do the things we like to do and need to do (movies, weddings, shopping, cooking, housework…)

    Thanks again, Jenny!

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