8 hours…

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out Trey’s own little routine, wondering when he will start sleeping through the night. A couple nights ago, he slept two stretches of 5 hours. Not bad. Last night, he slept 8 (or at least there were 8 hours between feedings.) Too bad that the feedings were at 8pm and 4 am. He’s keeping his great-grandfather’s schedule with those hours. Now, I just need to get him to adopt a schedule more like Roger William Haun II, and I’ll be able to sleep through the night too.

2 thoughts on “8 hours…

  1. Lauren Threadgill

    Hang in there! Isn’t it exciting (and a little unsettling) when they first start sleeping for longer stretches? MacKeane is a fantastic sleeper, which is due in large part to a great deal of answered prayer, but I’ve also done a few things that I read would be helpful and beneficial. I’ll be happy to share with you what worked for us if you’re interested. :o) Hope you’re all doing well!

  2. Benjamin Schlechter

    Dear William and Heidi,

    Congratulations on having your firstborn, Trey. I am glad things are going good for you. Hey Will, I noticed that our birthdays fall a few days apart. My dob is 05/21/1980 and yours is 05/17. Cool. Well, since graduating from CNC, I’ve been busy w/online graduate school at WCU studying gerontology and am seeking a career in long-term care management or geriatric counseling/social work. Peace be with you both and again congrats on the new baby. Benjamin Schlechter

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