The Year of the Boy

Trey already has friends around the country. In the past year, I have known of probably 20 people (family, college friends, church friends and classmates) who have had babies or are currently pregnant. Out of those, 90% have been boys! Four of our groomsmen have had boys (one due any day now) since New Years’. We have 5 baby announcements up on our bulletin board.

Each lives in a different state. Living in St. Pete, Jameson Jensen (top left) was born in January and is the son of my cousin Jason and his wife Summer. Zackary McBride (top right), born in February, is the son of William’s college roommate and best man, Shane and his wife Mitzi. They live in Knoxville, TN and we see them whenever we visit William’s grandparents. Micah Martin (bottom left) is the oldest of the bunch, born December 31st, 2005. His parents are Ed and Katie who live in Richmond, VA. MacKeane Threadgill (bottom right) was born June 17th to Matthew (William’s childhood friend from Winder, GA)and his wife Lauren. Matthew is finishing his fourth year of medical school at the Medical College of Georgia. His son has turned him into a pediatrician. Finally, Payton Torrence III, (center) who recently visited Trey (see III + III = fun) was born June 20th. He is the son of our friends Payton and Amy Torrence of Colorado Springs, CO. It’s nice to know that whenever we travel to see our friends, there will be a pal waiting to play with Trey.

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  1. Heidi Post author

    For those who don’t know Barbara — she just found out that she will be giving birth to a little girl in February! It’s about time. All these boys will need some ladies in a couple decades! Congrats to Barbara and Nathan.

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