She’s Trying to Make Me Crazy Too!

Earthquake!Last night, I woke up and felt the bed shaking gently back and forth. I looked over at Heidi and she was sitting up in bed. “Heidi, is the bed shaking?” I asked. “No” she answered as the shaking stopped. I turned over to go back to sleep but felt it begin to shake again. I sat up and said “No, it’s shaking again! I think it’s an earthquake!”

I know you think I am completely insane – an earthquake in Florida? Well, it just so happens that the day before there actually was an earthquake in Florida.

The shaking stopped again and I repeated my assumption “I think that was another earthquake!”
“No,” Heidi answered, “It’s me. I’m rocking Trey to sleep.”
I squinted and looked closely at Heidi. She wasn’t holding Trey – it was that “invisible baby” again. By now I’ve learned though…

Just roll over and go back to sleep.