Heidi in Labor and Trey’s Arrival

Watch High Bandwidth VideoHere are two short video clips – each 1 minute long. The first is of Heidi laboring in the tub. Don’t think this an edited down version of the easy parts of labor. This is the 8-10cm dilation part before she started pushing. It was unbelievable how she was able to stay relaxed and focus on her breathing.

The second clip is of Trey just after he was born and was on the warming table. The nurse was poking and proding him so he wasn’t too happy.

The ambient music you hear is that of the Buddha Machine that Heidi listened to almost her entire 23 hours of labor.

1 thought on “Heidi in Labor and Trey’s Arrival

  1. Sarah Span

    Heidi and Wiliam-Providence says that Trey is crying and that he has a boo boo. You gave birth like you handle life and school. Laid back and strong. Trey is so beautiful! Love, Providence and Sarah

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