3:08 AM, 6lbs 8oz, 20.25″

He’s here! After an AMAZING performance by Heidi, Trey swam out at 3:08 AM. We’ll put photos up shortly and Heidi will be posting a detailed account of her almost 24 hours of drug-free labor.

9 thoughts on “3:08 AM, 6lbs 8oz, 20.25″

  1. Carolyn & Greg Nicolosi

    Congratulations Heidi, William and Trey! Your wonderful journey has just begun. Our very best wishes to your new family.

  2. Robin, Dean, and Dominic Sarigumba

    Way to go Hauns!! He is beautiful!!

    William, I mentioned this to Heidi earlier, but I am willing to coordinate a meal schedule among all of us if you would like one. Just call me or e-mail me and I will set it up!!

  3. E.L.

    Daddy Haun,
    Amazing talking to you today. I’ve been so excited all day!
    Congratulations guys! You’ll walk (or wheel) out of that hospital forever changed. We can’t wait to see you at Christmas. -E.L.
    p.s. Trey looks a little pink. Is that a primary color?

  4. Isaac, Laura and Madeleine Joslin

    Aaron and Jori passed on your wonderful news to us today. We’re so happy for you. Isn’t it amazing the amount of love you can have for someone you’ve only known a few hours? Wishing you all the best.

  5. Dewayne and Pat (Haun) Ingram

    We welcome Trey (Roger William Haun III) to the family. We are so happy for you and know you will be terrific parents. We also are very happy for the grandparents and great-grandparents. We can’t wait to see Trey and hold him. Congratulations!!

  6. Laila Fares

    Félicitations papa William et maman Heidi. Meilleurs vœux pour votre chère famille. Dès que j’aurai votre adresse postale, je vous enverrai un petit cadeau pour célébrer Trey. Que Dieu le protège et vous protège tous les trois et vous grade toujours ensemble.
    Laila Fares.

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