Belly Photo Shoot

Belly at Sunset beach thumbnailWilliam and I went out to the beach last night to get photos of my pregnant belly. We ended up at Sunset Beach after realizing that John’s Pass was under serious construction (giant cranes on barges in the Pass!) I had forgotten how beautiful Sunset Beach was. I don’t think that I have been there since junior high. William has more vivid memories of the beach. About 6 years ago, while he was visiting Kenny and me during the summer, the two boys tried to swim across the intercoastal from Sunset Beach to St. Pete Beach. Being deceived by the seemingly narrow width, they quickly realized the current was much stronger than anticipated. Incidentally, after William survived his near death experience during his first visit to my hometown, he then made it onto the evening news. The segment was about beach erosion and its effects on tourism. Being from Tennessee, William was asked to make a statement. I think William’s quote was something like: “well, if not for the beaches, I would still come for the oranges!” So profound. Of course, Kenny provided the background action as he walked through a flock of birds!

Anyway, back to the photo shoot. William has such a great eye for photography, and really makes a pregnant lady (even with ALL her expansions) feel beautiful. William told me that he would count down for each photo so that my face wouldn’t hurt from smiling so long, but truthfully, it’s easy to keep smiling for the photos when thinking of the baby inside me. It’s strange, but I still have a difficult time actually picturing a tiny human being squashed inside me. I try on my x-ray vision in my mind’s eye, but I still just see an illustrated Trey shifting back and forth and he perches on his head in preparation for his arrival. It’s crazy that in less than a month (even if he is a little late), I will be holding him in my arms rather than in my belly. What an amazing process of changes.

2 thoughts on “Belly Photo Shoot

  1. barbara

    William, can I please come there in January when I am as preggers as Heidi?! Those photos are really amazing. You guys have done such a great job of really journaling your pregnancy . . Trey will love to look back at this some day.

  2. Rachel Maudsley

    hi, guys,I was just browsing throu sites and I came across yours. It is really beautiful, I was in exactly the same place last year as heidi is now, I had my 3rd baby on 4th aug 05. (she was due 10th aug). you look like a great couple and I wish you health and happiness for you and your familly. take care,May the Lord bless you alll.

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