37 Weeks into the Pregnancy (July 18, 2006)

We’ve actually been taking our photos at the halfway mark between “weeks.” This time we were a bit late taking the photos so we are actually back on an exact week again.

4 thoughts on “37 Weeks into the Pregnancy (July 18, 2006)

  1. Lisa Pickett

    Heidi and William, I’ve been thinking about you and how excited you must be getting. For me, I just couldn’t contain myself. Eagerly waiting to meet her. Enjoy these special days…slowly. I am sure everyone is telling how time flies and it does. Zoey is now 9 months already and each day she amazes me more and more. (((((hugs and kisses)))))

  2. ai ball

    wow! heidi’s belly is really big!
    i checked out this website for the first time in a long time
    and i am shocked how much bigger the belly got.

    will be praying for safe and exciting watery delivery.
    tell us all about it when you are finished.
    i wish i was born into water like trey would be.

  3. Sarah Span

    There’s a huge difference since June 30th. It has been a few months since I have looked at the progress of Trey’s home. I think it’s really funny to see how small the shirt has become. I can hardly wait to see him. Only two more weeks (according to my estimation). We are praying for your new family! With love

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