4 weeks to go!

Due dates. Lately, the number one question I get is “when are you due?” I try to give estimates, “4 weeks”, “a month” or “whenever the kid decides he is done incubating.” I figure that the less I focus on August 8, the less frustrated I’ll be if he hasn’t come by then. Right now, I just want him to stay in place for at least one more week. First, by 37 weeks, he is finally considered to be at term. Second, William is out of town until Sunday. He traveled to Nashville without me for the wedding of Jym Davis and Allison Cooper. I wish I could have joined him, but I really didn’t want to take the chance. Many people have told William, “Oh, my wife had her baby 4 weeks early.” I know that the others are trying to relate and be kind…but as he is out of town, those are not the stories he wants to hear. While only the Lord knows when Trey will be born, I have tried to reassure William that I have been keeping my stress level to a minimum and I really don’t think I’ll be having the baby while he is gone.

I’m now on the weekly prenatal visit schedule. We’ll see what they have to say on Thursday.

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  1. EL

    Heidi, don’t you worry one bit. There is no way that Haun would miss such a great video opportunity. Oh yeah, it’s also a great moment as a family.
    We are so excited for you guys. He will come at the perfect time in your own little sacred moment. Micah is getting excited to have a genius buddy.

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