Clothes, Clothes, Clothes!!!

We felt a bit odd having “no clothes, please” printed on Heidi’s baby shower invites, but as you can see from the photo below – we’ve got a’plenty.

Heidi spent the last couple days washing and organizing all the “hand-me-down” clothes we’ve been given by friends and the clothes in the picture above are the 0-9months ones.

In fact, we have so many clothes that Heidi has shared the love with some other friends’ of ours who are expecting in October. I did a quick count and I think that my unborn son has about 3.14 times more clothes than me.

A special shout out to my colleagues Mike Carnahan and Karen Hesting who both had boys in the last 3 years and gave us the majority of these great outfits. Gazillions of “Thank you”s to all of you who have blessed us with gifts.

1 thought on “Clothes, Clothes, Clothes!!!

  1. EL

    Yeah, it’s pretty embarrassing how many clothes a baby gets. I don’t think that Micah has worn the same thing twice. It’s absurd. Haun, you need to see if you can trade some clothes for diapers. I should have just bought stock in Pampers. Guess I’ll stick with Scott Trade instead.

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