Boys’ Weekend Out

Click for more photos from Jym's blogYou know that I’m having a baby in 5 weeks, but several of my other friends have some life changing events coming up. Jym Davis is getting married next week. Jon Engelman is marrying my sister-in-law in 4 months. Kenny Jensen, my brother-in-law, is moving to the other side of country soon.

With such big changes on the horizon we decided to have a “Boys’ Weekend Out.” So this past July 4th weekend we went to Fontana Lake, tucked away in the Smoky Mountains, for 3 days of camping, hiking, swimming, art, and general insanity. Another college friend Jerry Span now lives at Fontana Village and was our outdoorsman/trail guide for the journey (without him us city boys would have been eaten by wild animals and died from eating poisonous mushrooms).

** UPDATED ** You can view my photo album online now. If you head over to Jym’s blog he has some more photos from the trip posted.

1 thought on “Boys’ Weekend Out

  1. jym

    I was considering calling my blog entry "Fontana Daze" in tribute to you, William. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of days.

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