“Progress” Sneak Peek

Watch High Bandwidth VideoWe’ve already begun “pre-production” on our birth announcement. The plan so far is to make another DVD with a collection of shorts about the pregnancy, birth, and baby. I’ve started editing a short called “Progress” that will document Heidi’s body as it changed over the course of 9 months. Use the links below to watch a 1 minute preview of the video.

Watch the High Bandwidth preview

Watch the Low Bandwidth preview

Music by The Album Leaf from In a Safe Place (featuring Sigur Rós)

1 thought on ““Progress” Sneak Peek

  1. Nathan and Barbara

    This just makes me wanting more. We love your videos. . . such a gift every time they come in the mail! We think about you guys often and hope that you are well. Heidi, your rash was totally scary to read so I can’t even imagine how you felt but I’m glad that you have peace now!


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